UrbDeZine is a ‘web-zine’ about  regional architecture, design, and culture. Essentially, this site is about the design of your community, whether that is architecture, urban planning, transportation, historic preservation, ecology, or culture. UrbDezine is designed to provide the fastest and most comprehensive information by being an interactive community forum.

UrbDeZine is for people who are passionate about the design of their community.  Submit articles & images to info@urbdezine.com, along with a photo (head shot) and professional biography (limit 5 pgs). Your profile and a link will be included in articles/images selected for publication. The Author Panel is invitation only but if you are interested in being on the Panel, please submit your qualifications. Qualified and committed article submitters may be invited for inclusion on the Panel.  Article writing for UrbDeZine is an excellent way to influence design for the better, as well as an excellent way for design professionals to market themselves through the web and social media, and improve the SEO of their own websites.


a venture of William A. Adams, APC
a corp. partner in Norton, Moore, & Adams, LLP – Land Use & Entitlement Law

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William Adams, Founder & Chief Editor


Bill Adams, Founder & Chief Editor, UrbDeZine

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