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Navleeka Architects, Ayub Patel, Principal

Ayub Patel is trained as an architect and a planner, and has a vast amount of experience designing a variety of architectural projects. He graduated from the School of Architecture at the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad in 1983, and therafter with a Masters Degree in Architecture from Penn State.  In 1981 he was awarded a Merit Scholarship to study Urban Design at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Zurich. Hailing from India, where he currently holds his registration, he has considerable experience designing large scale projects for big corporations in Saudi Arabia and the USA.

As a former partner in his family’s construction business overseas, he garnered valuable construction administration experience. Once a construction business, Navleeka is now a design office. Mr. Patel spearheads Navleeka's design efforts on practically all projects and remains the liaison between Navleeka and its consultants as well as occasional partners. Apart from Navleeka, Mr. Patel has worked in several offices in the USA and abroad, at all stages of projects. He has also worked for several California jurisdictions as a Design Review Planner, authorizing entitlements, presenting projects to the public, City Planning Commissions, Boards and Councils, running workshops, and educating the general public on design issues. The combination of these backgrounds has provided Mr. Patel with an arsenal of knowledge that helps him negotiate difficult and often contentious projects.

Mr. Patel’s global experience and travels have given him an insight into cultural nuances that influence planning and design.  His personal drawings and sketches have earned him recognition among his peers. His architectural drawings and sketches as a student were exhibited at the National Conventions for Schools of Architecture (NASA), Ahmedabad, India in 1980. His travel sketches as a student in Europe were exhibited among student works at ETH Zurich in 1981. He has also been recognized by the USA Honor society in 2009 for his endeavors.

A dedicated professional, Mr. Patel remains passionate about architecture and design education. He studied under stalwarts of Indian architecture such as B.V. Doshi and Anant Raje who championed the projects of Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn in India.  Ever seeking further development, he continues to be a remote part of their legacy. He currently resides in Santa Clara, California.

Ayub Patel

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