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Corey Roberts is an architecture student at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. Growing up in a family of carpenters, he took interest in buildings and their design at an early age. For Corey, architecture seemed to be an obvious choice when it came time to choose a career path. So far in his three years at Wentworth, Corey has gained extensive knowledge of sustainable building as well as design principles. Due to his growing interest in materiality and architectural assemblies, he has chosen Tectonic Studies as his concentration at Wentworth.

As a student he has had the opportunity to intern at Siemasko + Verbridge, a small, primarily residential firm in Beverly, MA. He has also completed freelance work for Lee Kimball, a design-build firm in Winchester, MA, as well as private projects. He hopes to expand his work experience with both freelance work and full-time positions. While architecture is now Corey’s career it has also become his biggest hobby and he frequently uses his free time to explore any and all forms of architecture and design he can find.

When he isn’t absorbed in architecture Corey can be found listening to or playing music, watching films, hiking, enjoying food, or reading a book.

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