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Eric Corey Freed, LEED AP, Hon. FIGP, is Founding Principal of organicarchitect, a nationally known award winning architecture and consulting firm, with nearly 20 years of experience in green building and sustainable planning.

When Eric was just 25 years old, noted architect and critic Philip Johnson described him as “one of the real brains of his generation.” Today, Eric continues the tradition of “Organic Architecture”, first developed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Eric is the author of four books on Sustainable Design, including "Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies", a bestseller with over 100,000 copies in print. EcoSalon called it one of their “must read books that will forever change how you see the world.”

Green Building & Remodeling Green Sense for the Home Green Your Home Sustainable School Architecture

He is a Chair of the Coachella Valley branch of the US Green Building Council, and sits on the City of Palm Desert Sustainability Commission. He has received awards from several Mayors, and worked with dozens of municipalities around the country.

Considered a thought leader in the field, Eric was named “Best Green Architect” by San Francisco Magazine in 2005; “Best Visionary” in 2007; and “Green Visionary” by 7x7 Magazine in 2008. Click here for his complete resume

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