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Born in 1985 in Forli', a city on the eastern coast of Italy between the Adriatic sea and the Appennini mountains, Francesca was raised in an architectural and historical environment that inevitably touched her artistic sensitivity and led her to architecture school.
In fact she graduated with a Master's Degree at Faculty of Architecture "Aldo Rossi" - Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna in 2010, where she was taught that good architects can design "from the spoon to the town" (E.N.Rogers). This slogan prevented her from focusing only on a specific field while trying, instead, to experience every field of design. All in all we can design a chair, the same way we design a skyscraper.
She moved to Boston almost right after graduating. Here, trying to pursue further her passion for architecture, she has been involved in the Common Boston 2012 team, architectural lectures, artistic events and mainly the collaboration at the firm Carr, Lynch and Sandell, inc.
Almost bi-language, being an extremely creative and versatile person, Francesca enjoys photography and painting.
In leisure she likes climbing and flying on silks, in fact she joined a team of Aerial Dance: a way of experiencing life from different perspective. (For more of Francesca's work, click on her name at top of article)

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