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A Fulbright  scholar and author, Jerri Holan, FAIA, has, for 25 years, had a specialized practice which advances architecture through preservation and advocacy.

Ms. Holan’s publications, built work, and civic commitment have earned her a leadership position in the preservation community. As principal, Jerri leads with community-building strategies while she creates a diverse body of distinguished work.  Urban & domestic design specialties include restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse of buildings of all types.  She is conversant in most architectural periods and her work illustrates dexterity with numerous styles:  Colonial Revival, Beaux Arts, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco are all part of her portfolio. The firm has won numerous awards from the National Trust, American Institute of Architects, the California Preservation Foundation, the Art Deco Society of California and many local preservation organizations.

Committed to sharing  knowledge, Jerri is a role model for advancing preservation.  Her architectural achievements are enhanced by her dedication to elevating public appreciation of historic preservation.  She is active in preservation associations and nonprofit groups and her contributions have advanced preservation policy through the National Trust, California Preservation and the AIA.

Jerri has served on boards, commissions and juries and has provided pro bono services on important landmark issues. A tireless advocate and writer, Holan worked to raise understanding of preservation within local communities as a Board Member and Editor of Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association, the Fulbright Alumni Board, and the Albany Waterfront Commission.  She was chair of the AIASF Historic Resources Committee for over a decade and serves annually on preservation juries for many organizations.

After she completed her Masters degree at UC, Berkeley, Jerri conducted postgraduate studies at the Arkitekturhøgskolen in Norway as a Fulbrighter.


Jerri Holan Architects1393 Solano Avenue, Suite B
Albany, CA   94706
Tel: 510.528.1079

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