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For 35 years, Michael P. Russell has served as a real estate developer, advisor and expert witness.

As a private and public developer, Mr. Russell has lead teams in the development of Howard Hughes Center and Bunker Hill, as well as Irvine Ranch, Playa Vista, Reston, Warner Center, Douglas Park and Amerige Heights. He is a specialist in the clean up, master planning, entitling and redevelopment of decommissioned aerospace facilities—always trying to leave the Earth better than the way we found it.

Mr. Russell has served as an advisor on over 300 consulting assignments across the United States. He has specialized in mixed-use developments, including Century City, Bunker Hill, Reston, Denver Tech Center, Colony Square and Illinois Center.

During his career, Mr. Russell has bought or sold over 30 properties, including over 1,000 acres, more than two million square feet and 500 units, with a value in excess of $500M.

Mr. Russell serves law firms, financial institutions, corporations, landowners, buyers, sellers, developers, architects, contractors and other participants in the real estate transaction, finance, development and brokerage aspect of real estate.

As an expert witness, Mr. Russell has served in over 25 cases.

Mike serves on the board and heads the real estate development committee of Community Corporation of Santa Monica, which is a non-profit affordable housing developer. Over the last 25 years, CCSM has redeveloped or developed 2,200 units and numerous AIA and other design awards.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Mr. Russell earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and his Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, with an emphasis on real estate. Rotary International, Ford Foundation, U. S. Public Health Service and the Department of Housing and Urban Development supported his education.
Website: www.therussellcompany.us

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