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Michele E. Reeves is an urban strategist with significant private sector experience revitalizing commercial districts. Her 14 plus years in real estate include working on public/private partnerships, marketing unknown or undesirable districts, pre-development consulting, siting manufacturing facilities, strategizing acquisitions and development with private sector investors, helping districts build identity, and creating retail leasing strategies. She founded Civilis Consultants to assist mixed-use and commercial districts to recognize and leverage their strengths, build successful relationships, and craft their unique stories. Michele has a degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.
Michele E Reeves
CIVILIS Consultants

My What a Quaint Bridge Tender House You Have Chicago

Who knew that competition was so fierce and cutthroat in the world of architectural boat tours in Chicago? According to[Read More…]

Oh the Stories They Could Tell… “Is That a Beluga Whale?”

There is a unique joy in walking through a building and experiencing what it was, understanding what it is now,[Read More…]

One-Way Streets, A Coffee Shop, and a Reunion

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A Wall, No Matter How Pretty, Is Still…a Wall

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I Bet You Can’t Guess What this Is!

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It’s Official, I’m a Parking Groupie!

Yes, this is my autographed copy of the High Cost of Free Parking! I had the pleasure of serving on[Read More…]

Portlandia: Milquetoast Bureau of Planning Edition

Since the 1990s, Portland has not had parking minimums in much of the city, from the downtown core to more[Read More…]

When Improving Places, It Always Comes Down to People

What is one of the first things I consider when I’m working in a mixed-use district, whether I’m helping private[Read More…]

Retail, REITs and Cannibalization

When he got his start in the grocery business with Fred Meyer decades ago, Gary Slabaugh said he knew EVERY[Read More…]

Hot Lake Springs…The Arkansas of Oregon?

Earlier this week, I paid a visit to an intriguing place called Hot Lake Springs, which is located in what[Read More…]

There Is No Such Thing as a Rain-Free Downtown Experience

If I were supernatural, I might choose to be an awning fairy.  My mission? Roaming the land, eradicating horrible awnings[Read More…]

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