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Student. Designer. Traveler. Duck.

Timothy KampTim Kamp is a full-time student at the University of Oregon in Portland, Oregon. He is seeking concurrent degrees in Architecture and Art History. When not locked away designing or researching, Tim is an avid sports fan and religiously follows soccer, tennis, basketball and his University of Oregon Ducks.

An Oregonian at heart, sustainability, equality and progressive design inspire Tim’s interests. His passions include urban studies, mass transit, quality and affordable public housing and the evolving world of public education. He seeks to understand how design can appropriately respond to urban and public issues while fostering growth and encouraging sustainability for our future generations.

Tim’s greatest passion in life, however, is traveling the globe and immersing himself into the unfamiliar. He loves to sit back, grab a beer, and take in the scenery wherever it may be. He has been quite Euro-centric in his travels (Spain, France, Holland, Italy… and the list goes on), but intends to expand his travels soon. Tim knows the Italian language, dabbles off and on with Spanish, and is currently seeking out opportunities to learn Chinese.

Find him at: @Tim_Kamp or see his portfolio

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