Reasons to buy an electric vehicle that have nothing to do with the environment (and which portend an imminent and rapid global shift to electric vehicles)

Electric vehicle ownership now has practical and personal advantages over gas powered vehicle ownership that have nothing to do with the environment. These advantages portend an imminent and rapid shift towards electric vehicle ownership, delayed only by a soon to end public information lag.

A Museum for Architects and Planners

When I mentioned to some friends that I would be vacationing in Washington, D.C., most of them told me about the Smithsonian museums[Read More…]

Is San Diego’s Horton Plaza Park Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square 2.0?

Downtown San Diego’s Horton Plaza Park expansion opened last week . . . more or less.  Construction is not quite[Read More…]

Impressions and images of Japanese urbanism, etc.

David Prowler just returned from a trip to Japan.  He wrote about his impressions, accompanied by photos, in his blog.[Read More…]

Parking Management: San Diego Style (Part Two)

San Francisco has 23,000 metered parking spaces and sets prices using complex “demand-responsive rate adjustments.”  Around SF City Hall, for[Read More…]

Oh the Stories They Could Tell… “Is That a Beluga Whale?”

There is a unique joy in walking through a building and experiencing what it was, understanding what it is now,[Read More…]

What if we all ‘Left No Trace?’

As I’ve been camping and sharing my adventures, there’s one thing that keeps showing up over and over in my[Read More…]

San Diego Design Events Calendar, April 20th-April 30th, 2016

New School of Architecture, April 20th 2016, 7:00 PM, Lecture Series: Harry Mallgrave. Urban Land Institute, April 21st, 2016, 5:30[Read More…]

Bay Area Housing – The Shape of Things to Come

           In 2016, one of the world’s premier architecture awards, the Pritzker Prize, was given to an architect known primarily for[Read More…]

Is Indianapolis a good comparison for a San Diego Charger downtown stadium?

On the subject of a potential downtown San Diego East Village NFL stadium, some proponents have asserted that Indianapolis’s downtown Lucas[Read More…]

The new historic Hotel Churchill unveiled

Not long ago, the future was looking pretty dire for the Hotel Churchill in downtown San Diego (9th & C).[Read More…]

San Diego Design Event Calendar March 20th-April 12th, 2016

San Diego History Center, March 31st, 2016, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM, Balboa History Stroll. East Village South focus plan workshop, part[Read More…]

Does San Diego’s “Citizens Plan” ballot initiative violate the single subject requirement?

A sweeping ballot initiative is being circulated in San Diego.  It’s called The Citizens’ Plan for the Responsible Management of[Read More…]

Exhibit Review: Nature Connects at the South Coast Botanic Garden

Do you enjoy LEGOs and nature?  If yes, then I have the perfect exhibit to recommend to you.  Over the[Read More…]

Urge Pasadena to Approve the Measures to Address Homelessness

Where are we now on homelessness in Los Angeles? Much has happened in the three months since my UrbDeZine colleague[Read More…]

Park Planning for Underserved Communities in Los Angeles County

When I tell people that I work for the Department of Parks and Recreation, many ask whether I watch the[Read More…]

North Park Community Plan Update – We Can Do Better by Working Together

By Howard Blackson and Don Leichtling – North Park is one of San Diego’s finest communities. It has many distinctive[Read More…]

Station Square Park: Monrovia’s Newest Park

Do you love parks and trains?  What do you think about a train-themed park?  As a park planner and a[Read More…]

San Francisco: The Status Quo City

Celebrated for its openness, San Francisco has a hard time with change.

Why climate change action cannot succeed without social equity

Over 120 cities and counties in California have a climate action plan either completed or in the pipeline.  As cities[Read More…]

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