Exhibit Review: Nature Connects at the South Coast Botanic Garden

Do you enjoy LEGOs and nature?  If yes, then I have the perfect exhibit to recommend to you.  Over the[Read More…]

Park Planning for Underserved Communities in Los Angeles County

When I tell people that I work for the Department of Parks and Recreation, many ask whether I watch the[Read More…]

Documentary Review: Redemption

Have you ever wondered how people make a living by collecting cans and bottles from trash cans?  Do you want to[Read More…]

The Effects Of The Natural Landscape In Urban Environments

When we think of a city, we don’t necessarily think about its parks. Instead, the metro areas, shopping opportunities, entertainment[Read More…]

Reyner Banham, Mike Davis, and the Discourse on Los Angeles Ecology

eco– Of or relating to the habitat or environment. –ology The doctrine, theory, or science of a subject. ecology Branch[Read More…]

Developments in Backyard Chickens

Urban agriculture is nothing new, and neither is the trend of keeping chickens in residential back yards.  However, until recently[Read More…]

The Commons Concept – A Strategy to Restore Balance to the Portland Region

Portland is a planner’s mecca. Or is it? Visitors to the city are treated to postcard worthy scenes of light[Read More…]

Environmental Law Firm Incubator Gets Great Press

I serve on the board of Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, an environmental and land use residency program based in[Read More…]

APA Conference: Lessons from Seattle

A few weeks ago, I was in Seattle for the American Planning Association (APA)’s National Planning Conference.  In addition to[Read More…]

Ballot Box Zoning, Prairie Dog Refugees, and Colorado’s People Explosion.

Recently the Denver Post ran an article on how citizen activists are campaigning to put controversial land use decisions on[Read More…]

Add More City Parks For A Sustainable Future

Urban landscape architects, civil engineers and city planners face a number of sustainability challenges with no single or simple solution.[Read More…]

Exhibit Review: Sink or Swim – climate change resilience in photographs at Los Angeles’s Annenberg

Are you concerned about climate change?  Do you want visual evidence that it is actually happening?  Do you live in[Read More…]

Common Birds of Commonwealth

  Suspended Animation Cruising one day along Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton, CA, I noticed a sequence of fallen birds that[Read More…]

5 years after the earthquake, Ayiti p’ap péri!

January 12, 2015 was the fifth anniversary of the earthquake that rocked Haiti. After reports on moments of silence observed, and[Read More…]

Urban Habitat Chicago Redux: 10 years of productive urban landscapes (part 3 of 3)

Last time (part 2), we visited a Chicago rooftop during the summer of 2007, where buckwheat sways in the breeze, collard[Read More…]

Urban Habitat Chicago Redux: 10 years of productive urban landscapes (part 2 of 3)

Last time (part 1), we were introduced to Urban Habitat Chicago, took off our shoes, and stretched our feet on[Read More…]

Urban Habitat Chicago Redux: 10 years of productive urban landscapes (part 1 of 3)

In the fall of 1862, crops were disappearing, mysteriously, from the fields around the tranquil Shaker community at Pleasant Hill,[Read More…]

Introducing – Me

I’m very flattered to be asked by Bill Adams to be UrbDeZine’s representative from the flyover states!  I am a longtime[Read More…]

Design For The Future: Sustainable Landscapes

There is no doubt that sustainability is the future of both architectural and landscape design. Most of the time, when[Read More…]

AB 1999 – A Missed Opportunity

Governor Jerry Brown missed a great opportunity to stimulate an important part of California’s economy last month.  Assembly Bill 1999,[Read More…]

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