Boston, 2084 – climate resilience: our future

An imagined future reflection on a well-planned 21st century in Boston:  We can finally declare summer 2084 has started as[Read More…]

Landscape Architecture: Shaping The Urban Future

When it comes to the biggest trends that will reshape the urban environment in the future, it’s not just the[Read More…]

Day Tripping on Governors Island

The latest phase of the park on Governors Island opened to the public this July—20 years after planners voiced vague[Read More…]

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Planning for Parks and Urban Forests in Los Angeles County

“You can’t see the forest for the trees!”  All of us are familiar with this expression which is often used to describe someone[Read More…]

Exhibit Review: Nature Connects at the South Coast Botanic Garden

Do you enjoy LEGOs and nature?  If yes, then I have the perfect exhibit to recommend to you.  Over the[Read More…]

Park Planning for Underserved Communities in Los Angeles County

When I tell people that I work for the Department of Parks and Recreation, many ask whether I watch the[Read More…]

Documentary Review: Redemption

Have you ever wondered how people make a living by collecting cans and bottles from trash cans?  Do you want to[Read More…]

The Effects Of The Natural Landscape In Urban Environments

When we think of a city, we don’t necessarily think about its parks. Instead, the metro areas, shopping opportunities, entertainment[Read More…]

Reyner Banham, Mike Davis, and the Discourse on Los Angeles Ecology

eco– Of or relating to the habitat or environment. –ology The doctrine, theory, or science of a subject. ecology Branch[Read More…]

Developments in Backyard Chickens

Urban agriculture is nothing new, and neither is the trend of keeping chickens in residential back yards.  However, until recently[Read More…]

The Commons Concept – A Strategy to Restore Balance to the Portland Region

Portland is a planner’s mecca. Or is it? Visitors to the city are treated to postcard worthy scenes of light[Read More…]

Environmental Law Firm Incubator Gets Great Press

I serve on the board of Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, an environmental and land use residency program based in[Read More…]

APA Conference: Lessons from Seattle

A few weeks ago, I was in Seattle for the American Planning Association (APA)’s National Planning Conference.  In addition to[Read More…]

Ballot Box Zoning, Prairie Dog Refugees, and Colorado’s People Explosion.

Recently the Denver Post ran an article on how citizen activists are campaigning to put controversial land use decisions on[Read More…]

Add More City Parks For A Sustainable Future

Urban landscape architects, civil engineers and city planners face a number of sustainability challenges with no single or simple solution.[Read More…]

Exhibit Review: Sink or Swim – climate change resilience in photographs at Los Angeles’s Annenberg

Are you concerned about climate change?  Do you want visual evidence that it is actually happening?  Do you live in[Read More…]

Common Birds of Commonwealth

  Suspended Animation Cruising one day along Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton, CA, I noticed a sequence of fallen birds that[Read More…]

5 years after the earthquake, Ayiti p’ap péri!

January 12, 2015 was the fifth anniversary of the earthquake that rocked Haiti. After reports on moments of silence observed, and[Read More…]

Urban Habitat Chicago Redux: 10 years of productive urban landscapes (part 3 of 3)

Last time (part 2), we visited a Chicago rooftop during the summer of 2007, where buckwheat sways in the breeze, collard[Read More…]

Urban Habitat Chicago Redux: 10 years of productive urban landscapes (part 2 of 3)

Last time (part 1), we were introduced to Urban Habitat Chicago, took off our shoes, and stretched our feet on[Read More…]

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