Introducing – Me


I’m very flattered to be asked by Bill Adams to be UrbDeZine’s representative from the flyover states!  I am a longtime[Read More…]

Design For The Future: Sustainable Landscapes

Rooftop Garden, Photo by Alison Hancock via Shutterstock

There is no doubt that sustainability is the future of both architectural and landscape design. Most of the time, when[Read More…]

AB 1999 – A Missed Opportunity

First Church of Christ Scientist Berkeley CA

Governor Jerry Brown missed a great opportunity to stimulate an important part of California’s economy last month.  Assembly Bill 1999,[Read More…]

Unincorporated Areas Need More Parks Too

Fun at Community Fair

As a park planner, I am always on the lookout for the latest news about parks and recreation.  Recently, I[Read More…]

Streets as Conduits of Social Justice

Re:Streets by MIG

[co-authored by Lilly Jacobson] Streets are not just conduits for moving cars and people; they have a profound impact on[Read More…]

Parks and Climate Change: The L.A. County Story

Tree at Schabarum Park

Local and regional parks can be used to mitigate the urban heat island effect and minimize local climate change.  Unfortunately,[Read More…]

$1 billion of federal funding to weave resilience into disaster preparedness

Rebuild by Design Resilient Workshop

  Last week’s announcement by the White House of $1 billion of funding to go to communities hit by disasters signals that ‘resilience’[Read More…]

How City Park Design Contributes to Resident Health


City parks are more than pretty outdoor spaces — research shows they can also be critical to improving a community’s[Read More…]

‘Adapt, We May’ – The Chelsea Way: Regional Resilience and America’s Coastal Cities

Chelsea Underwater

Summer is the season for symposia, conferences, workshops, and the like. The mind and body rebel a bit at being[Read More…]

Orange County Great Park: A Work in Progress


Over the weekend, I visited the Orange County Great Park with my family.  Having heard and read so much about[Read More…]

Disasters depend

Ravine Pintade, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

In my previous post, I addressed some assumptions author Vishaan Chakrabarti makes in How Density Makes Us Safer During Natural Disasters. I[Read More…]

Towards resilient regions

Rockaways Damage

In How Density Makes Us Safer During Natural Disasters by Vishaan Chakrabarti, the author uses the example of Hurricane Sandy’s effects within[Read More…]

Touring the Presidio of San Francisco

Presidio Visitor Center

During last month’s National Outdoor Recreation Conference, I had the opportunity to tour the Presidio of San Francisco, a park[Read More…]

Is Space-Sharing Healthy Living?

Formerly an office – copyright: FG

Located in Boston’s Marine Industrial Park, there is a space (HQ headquarters) is the space where ideas and projects are[Read More…]

Planes, Trees, and Parks

Southwest plane

What do planes have to do with trees and parks?  I would not be surprised if you asked.  I did[Read More…]

Tour of East Bay Regional Parks

View from Roberts Regional Recreation Area

As part of the Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.: A Vision for the American West symposium, I had the opportunity to[Read More…]

Juxta-Prose: Mass Hesperia!!

Cal Earth: Dome - looking out

On a recent visit to Cal-Earth’s open house and interactive tour (at a colleague’s request) I realized three major benefits of such[Read More…]

These Sidewalks Are Not Made for Walkin’

sidewalk damage from ficus tree

With over 40 percent of the City’s sidewalks buckled and broken, sidewalks are a symbol of the ineptitude of the[Read More…]

Wake Up, Bostonians!

Design Museum Boston's new exhibition: Green Patriots Poster

In the era of social media, blossoming blogs and personal-tv’s how can communities be sensitized toward a cause? Now that[Read More…]

L.A. Auto Show: A Planner’s Perspective

LA Auto Show

Should planners go to car shows?  After all, aren’t we supposed to hate cars and only use alternative modes of[Read More…]