Planes, Trees and Parks

Southwest plane

What do planes have to do with trees and parks?  I would not be surprised if you asked.  I did[Read More...]

Get it done! Top 5 Action Items from TEDx Portland 2014

TEDx Portland

This past weekend I attended the 4th annual TEDx Portland. Over 2,500 people converged on Keller Auditorium to hear some[Read More...]

A Hospital Near You: Part II

Good Samaritan Hospital Outpatient Center Under Construction

Most of us do not think about hospitals until an emergency arises.  However, as I shared in my article A[Read More...]

The Street I Live On


The street I live on is only two blocks long, lined with Victorian houses. It’s in about the geographic center[Read More...]

The Image of Oakland

Oakland Architecture

What images come to mind when you think of Oakland, California?  It seems that many people tend to only associate[Read More...]

Tour of East Bay Regional Parks

View from Roberts Regional Recreation Area

As part of the Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.: A Vision for the American West symposium, I had the opportunity to[Read More...]


Haarlem City map 1550

You can tell a lot about a place by its layout.  How the streets are arranged tells the history of[Read More...]

CANstruction: Design-Build for Good

Hungry Heart

Over the weekend, I headed over to the historic core of Downtown Los Angeles to check out this year’s entries[Read More...]

A Wall, No Matter How Pretty, Is Still…a Wall


During the summer of 2013, my husband and I took a very uncharacteristic vacation to a spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.[Read More...]

Surveys: Finding Out What People Want

Metro Infographic

What do people want?  What do community members like or dislike?  As planners, these are the types of questions we[Read More...]

Juxta-Prose: Mass Hesperia!!

Cal Earth: Dome - looking out

On a recent visit to Cal-Earth’s open house and interactive tour (at a colleague’s request) I realized three major benefits of such[Read More...]

These Sidewalks Are Not Made for Walkin’

sidewalk damage from ficus tree

With over 40 percent of the City’s sidewalks buckled and broken, sidewalks are a symbol of the ineptitude of the[Read More...]

Barnsdall Art Park: A Hidden Gem

Barnsdall Park Sign

Have you ever heard of or been to Barnsdall Art Park before?  It is an eleven-acre park located in the[Read More...]

Wake Up, Bostonians!

Design Museum Boston's new exhibition: Green Patriots Poster

In the era of social media, blossoming blogs and personal-tv’s how can communities be sensitized toward a cause? Now that[Read More...]

Los Angeles: 20 Years after Speed

Speed Move Poster

I was watching TV the other night when the movie Speed (1994) came on.  For those who have not seen[Read More...]

Exhibit Review: The Power of Photography

Annenberg Space for Photography

I have always enjoyed flipping through the pages of National Geographic because they contain such wonderful and powerful images.  A[Read More...]

Lacy Park: The Secret Garden

Lacy Park

Have you ever heard of or been to Lacy Park in the City of San Marino?  A few weeks ago, I[Read More...]

Three Reasons Neighborhood Identity is Paramount in Smart Growth

La Mesa CA

In this age of planning emphasis on “smart growth,” “new urbanism,” “transit oriented development,” “infill development” and so on, density[Read More...]

When is a “Smart Growth” Project a “Trojan Horse”? – Park Station as a case study.

Park Station La Mesa

In the wake of California’s now defunct redevelopment program and the 2008 real estate collapse, examples abound of demolished or[Read More...]