Using Solar to….Cook?

Last weekend, I checked out a workshop on solar cooking, thinking I might pick up a thing or two for[Read More…]

What if we all ‘Left No Trace?’

As I’ve been camping and sharing my adventures, there’s one thing that keeps showing up over and over in my[Read More…]

The Effects Of The Natural Landscape In Urban Environments

When we think of a city, we don’t necessarily think about its parks. Instead, the metro areas, shopping opportunities, entertainment[Read More…]

Environmental Law Firm Incubator Gets Great Press

I serve on the board of Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, an environmental and land use residency program based in[Read More…]

Ballot Box Zoning, Prairie Dog Refugees, and Colorado’s People Explosion.

Recently the Denver Post ran an article on how citizen activists are campaigning to put controversial land use decisions on[Read More…]

Dwell on THIS…

So I started out my summer by attending the Dwell on Design 2014 Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center[Read More…]

Are Trees to Blame for the Lack of Shade in Southern California?

Everyone loves trees in urban settings.  At least they love the concept of urban trees.

LA Becomes Largest City to Ban Plastic Bags

Los Angeles became the largest city in the nation to issue a ban on plastic bags at supermarkets this week[Read More…]

How food should shape our cities

I recently watched the Academy Award nominated documentary, Food inc.  To be honest, I was hesitant about watching it.  I[Read More…]

Sustainable Occupy Wall Street, Part 1

NYC- At the end of October, my wife and I visited New York City.  Among the sites and scenes we[Read More…]

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