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9/11: Reflections of An Urban Planner

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing on September 11th, 2001? I can still remember quite[Read More…]

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Take me back to tomorrow – Some surprising indicators of change in U.S. cities

Like many westerners, I left a rust belt eastern city decades ago, in the belief that the region, and certainly[Read More…]

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Using Solar to….Cook?

Last weekend, I checked out a workshop on solar cooking, thinking I might pick up a thing or two for[Read More…]

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Boston, 2084 – climate resilience: our future

An imagined future reflection on a well-planned 21st century in Boston:  We can finally declare summer 2084 has started as[Read More…]

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Downtown San Diego’s East Village South Focus Plan – Draft

The following text and images comprise the East Village Draft Focus Plan released on July 30, 2016, including subsequent minor corrections and additions made by its authors.  It has been reconstituted … [Read More...]

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